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Here are some cool websites i have ran across i hope you like them.

Khan Academy
In addition to video lessons on math and science,and a number of other subjects there is also practice exercises to help you put your knowledge to use.
Have you ever wanted to learn somthing about the computer but where to busy to take a class.Then take a look at this site they have lots of movies to learn from and best of all they are all on demand.This one is not free,it will cost you 25.00 per month but its a lot less than taking a class.

Super Cook
If you only have a few things in the pantry and dont know what you can make with them try out this site.It gives youa list of recipes to choose from.
Its a quick receipe recommendation.

Best of YouTube
This site has the most popular videos from Youtube throughout the day.Great site for surfing.

You can pick the songs you like and make a station out of them.This one is free but if you do not want to hear commercials you can pay for a membership.This is one of my favorite sites while surfing.

This is a great site for looking at newspapers from across Texas.This one is worth a look for keeping up with local events in your town and others across Texas.

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